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The world-famous singer Rihanna enjoys the cricket match West indies Vs Sri Lanka

Rihanna was seen in the cricket match between West Indies Vs Sri Lanka, this incident was discussed extensively over the internet.

Rihanna was born in Barbados which is one of the islands out of the 7000 islands that belong the West Indies.

Some reports show that she went to watch the match to surprise the captain and her close friend Jason Holder who was also born in Barbados.

31-year-old Rihanna was also considered as the richest Female Singer by the Phobes with a net worth of over 600 million dollars.

She has many records such as the YouTube channel of a artist with the most subscribers, female singer with the most viewed content on YouTube and making most songs No. 1 in the shortest period of time.

During the break she has visited the dressing room to support the players and signed a bat as a symbol of gratitude, she also didn’t forget to take few selfies with the players before she left to remember the moment.

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