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Rishad Bathiudeen was inquired by CID today, “I’m a member of the opposition party so you can figure out who seeks revenge.”

Former parliament minister Rishad Bathiudeen was inquired by the Sri Lankan Police Crime Investigation Department (CID) today at 9.30 am, this inquiry has taken place for more than 4 hours.

The former minister has responded to the media as below :

The reason why he was at the CID?
I was called by the CID for the inquiry so I went.

What are the Accusations?
false accusations

Did the inquire about the easter attack?
They inquired me about that earlier and have been proved I was not involved in any way possible.

Is there one of your relatives in custody who was suspected to be involved in the situation?
Since I’m now on the opposition party and he is my cousin, they are using this opportunity to take political revenge.

Are you saying that even though you associated with these men you were not involved in the bombing?
Ibrahim is one of the trade association presidents so he has photos with me as well as photos with Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse and G.L peris giving him trophies. It’s the same situation with Infaas Ahamed.

I’m also in a similar situation if my brother is involved in the bombing it’s okay if he is given the death penalty but it hurts to hear false accusations through the media.

Did the CID take your brother into custody a few times?
No, he was never taken into custody.

Is there anyone you suspect that is trying to take revenge?
Ok, Thank you very much.

Why aren’t you answering that question?
I’m a member of the opposition party so you can figure out who seeks revenge.

Are there anymore inquires?
yeah, if they ask me to come I will.

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