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Mia Khalifa postpones her wedding due to coronavirus crisis

Mia Khalifa was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1993 but their parents migrated to America when she was 7 years old.

Before she became a pornstar she worked at a Burger kings in Miami.

She studied Arts and History in her post graduate studies at the El Paso university in Texas State, America.

In 2011 she married an American citizen. They separated in 2014 and divorced in 2016.

In 14th March 2019 Mia Khalifa engagement to longtime boyfriend Chef Robert Sandberg happened in Chicago, and he proposed to her in a very special way.

Instagram – Robert Sandberg
Mia Khalifa & Robert Sandberg
Mia Khalifa Wedding Dresses

The two were supposed to exchange vows in June 2020, however with the new virus outbreak, they seem to have decided to postpone the wedding.

Instagram – Mia Khalifa
Instagram – Mia Khalifa

Once Mia Khalifa said to the media that her parents did not want to have any connections with her because she became a pornstar.

The Muslim community became furious with her after a porn movie that she participated in 2015 wearing a hijab.

She is a big fan of Batman and basketball.

In 2014 she became the most searched pornstar on the internet beating Lisa_Ann’s record.

Mia Khalifa and the hip-hop singer Wiz Khalifa has not related by any means.

She is mostly famous because of her gigantic boobs and there are rumors that they are fake but it has been revealed that her boobs are natural.



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