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Facts about Samitha Erandathi Mudunkotuwa that we never knew

Samitha Kumari Erandathi Mudunkotuwa was born in Horana on January 7, 1973, as the only child of the popular music couple, Premadasa Mudunkotuwa, the first Masters holder at Bhathkanda Music College, India and Kumari Bothota, folk singer at Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC).

Mother and Father

Samitha first studied at Shripali Vidyalaya, Horana, and then joined the College of Buddhist Ladies. Under her parents, she excelled in music and learned to dance under Piyasara Shilpadhipathi. Her father became the ‘Guru’ of many of today’s famous artists.

Samitha being the youngest candidate, at the age of 16, passed the Visharada exam. Like some, she had to face the test for nearly two hours in front of the Indian maestros who came to Sri Lanka as examiners. Since she was the ‘Guru”s kid, they took a longer time to make an unbiased decision regarding her.

In 1988, the popular singer, Rohana Weerasinghe, who happened to be one of the judges at a Colombo All Island folk singing competition, was swift to recognize the talents of the pretty teenager Samitha who earned the first prize at the competition.

Before Rohana reached her residence at Horana to visit her parents to get permission for her to perform and sing the theme song of Mapitigama’s new teledrama ‘Ira Paya’ for which he was the music director, he didn’t know who her family was.

Ira Paya telidrama theme song

“No wonder I had a feeling regarding her, not realizing that she is the only child of the brilliant Mudunkotuwa couple,” Rohana confessed when he spoke of Samitha.

‘Ganga and Nishshanka’ was her second tv play she performed and acted in. Lakshman Wijesekara was the director of arts. She took part in the single episode tele ‘Mudiyanse Mama’ in 1995, after her marriage, based on the short story of Martin Wickeremasinghe.

Her last television series was in 1998, ‘Dala Rala Pela’ directed by Chandraratne Mapitigama.

‘Dala Rala Pela’ Teledrama

Samitha cassettes
Ira Paya – 1988
Rosa Mal Mawathe – 1991
Kolompure – 1992
Muthu Kumari – 1995
Adara Sulanga – 1998
Sansaranya – 2002

Her skills have won her renown both in Sri Lanka and abroad. Any expatriate from Sri Lanka who lived here at least until the end of the 1980s can’t forget her charming beautiful face and her melodious voice.

Mother and Father – Song
Mother and Father – Song



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