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Unfavorable weather to continue – The Department of Meteorology

The Meteorology Department has predicted showers or thunderstorms from time to time during the day in the Western, Sabaragamuwa, North Western, and Central Provinces, and in the Galle and Matara Districts.

Showers or thundershowers may occur in the evening or night at many locations in other provinces including the Northern, Eastern, and Uva Provinces.

An Expert Meteorologist Answers Your Thunderstorm & Lightning ...

Very heavy rainfall over 150 mm is expected in the Western, Sabaragamuwa and Central Provinces as well as in the Galle and Matara Districts, while rainfall is expected to be around 100 mm in the Northern, North Central and North Western Provinces and Trincomalee Districts.

In the Southern Province, the Polonnaruwa and Matale Districts, and along the western slopes of the central hills, wind speeds can often rise to 60-70 kmph.

The sea areas that stretch from Mannar to Pottuvil through Colombo, Galle and Hambantota can sometimes be rough. The other parts of the sea around the island may also be relatively rough.

There is a possibility that near-shore sea areas off the coast extending from Beruwala to Hambantota via Galle may experience surges due to swell wave impact, having a height of 2.0-3.0 m (this is not the height of near-shore waves).

In this regard, naval and fishing societies and those living in coastal areas are called upon to be vigilant.

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Adverse weather to continue



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