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The world’s most adventurous swimming pools

We have seen various types of swimming pools, but due to the huge variety of pools in the world there are some unimaginable types of swimming pools.

Even seeing these types of pools gives a person a thrilling experience.

Jueyan water park, this place provides a similar experience to swimming in  the ocean through the artificial tides that are created.

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The second one is devil’s pool. This has been created near the Victoria fall due to soil erosion.

It is situated near a 103 m fall, which is also a dangerous place although it has naturally occurring boundaries like obstacles.

Saturday 26th January 2019 (afternoon) – Victoria Falls from the ...

Third is the Y-40  the deep joy in Italy. It consist of 14 floors and it about 130m tall and also has about 1500000 L of water in it, diving in this place it known to be at your own risk.

center>Y-40®<br> The Deep Joy</center> - Millepini Hotel Terme & Y-40

San Alfanso Del Mar is the next pool is was known to be the largest pool in 2006 which consisted around 66 million gallons of water.

It also hold the Guinness World record for the deepest lake having a depth of about 115 ft. Scandian people dive in the cold water in the winter and are also considered as the happiest people in the world.

Lake of Death, it is situated in Hawaii many people die in this lake by drowning and head trauma.

Apartment San Alfonso del Mar, Goleta, Algarrobo, Chile -

Marina Bay sands in Singapore is considered as the tallest lake. It is situated 340 m above sea level.

The swimming pool “Skelleftea” is a highly cold lake, which is also used as a place to host swimming competitions but this is also considered as one of the most dangerous pools in the world.

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